Stars News · ARS Tournament Final Recap




Ann Richards Volleyball Booster has successfully held the Fourth Annual ARS Volleyball Tournament.  We held two tournaments, one for the Freshman and JV teams and another for the middle school 7th and 8th grade teams.

The tournament was a great success.  During the two days we hosted 27 teams, over 600 players and spectators.  There were many competitive matches and lots of fun.  This tournament will test your mettle, as it forces each team to play four games in under five hours.  But we have to hand it to the players and coaches, they took this in stride while eagerly asking “when is the next game?”.

Thanks to our volunteers

Our parent volunteers did a great job keeping the tournament running smoothly and our player volunteers worked tirelessly at score keeping and as line judges.  That along with the usual great work of the coaches and refs made this tournament a smooth and successful event.  Our thanks goes out to all involved.

High School Tournament Results

The tournament was a round robin type of event where every team plays all other teams in their pools.  We had many close matches and several that went three sets.  All matches were very competitive where several could have gone either way but in the end there were definitive winners of their individual pools.

(Click For Results) Freshman Pool : 1st place-Ann Richards, 2nd place-Austin High

(Click For Results) JV Morning Pool : 1st place-Ann Richards, 2nd place-Glenn High

(Click For Results) JV Afternoon Pool : 1st place-McCallum, 2nd place-TSD


Middle School Tournament Results

The middle school tournament hosted 5 7th grade teams and 6 8th grade team.  Each group played a round robin where they each played 4 matches.

(Click For Results) 7th grade pool : 1st place-Parades, 2nd place-Ann Richards

(Click For Results) 8th grade pool: 1st place-Ann Richards, 2nd place-Kealing